Ordering and shipping information


SHIPPING  Plants are shipped without soil but with roots protected from moisture loss. Shipping will by USPS Priority Mail unless you request shipping by other

means & additional charges are paid. We had great results past years shipping with USPS & plants shipped arrived healthy within the week in the USA. USPS parcels

are delivered on Saturdays and continue to travel over weekends. We use USPS Express or Priority Mail for our foreign shipments. Please contact us Foreign shipping

instructions for rates and other details .  YouTube Video of how we ship:  https://youtu.be/0GIBkQqSQbc

SUBSTITUTIONS & REFUNDS - Supplies of plants are limited to available stock. We will not substitute without your permission. A list of acceptable substitutes

is suggested, particularly if ordering later in the season. Some of the newer varieties are in shorter supply & some varieties sell out fast, so please order early.

You will be notified promptly of out of stock varieties unless you have provided a list of substitutes.


Normal shipping dates for Beesia, Epimediums, Ferns & Hostas: mid May to October 1, 2024.  After that date, we can ship based on your climate conditions.

We begin shipping all plants in Mid May in the order received. Dates above are the approximate times when all the plants have begun to "harden

off" & can better handle shipment & replant. You can either choose ASAP, in which case we will ship when appropriate for your order,  Some of the ferns can

be shipped at any time and epimediums usually harden off enough by early May.. Shipping days are approximately three days a week starting on Mondays. If you live in an area with hot& humid summers, we suggest   ordering for shipment in spring or fall. We can't guarantee their performance if shipped during summer. Also, Athyrium fern fronds can be quite brittle. Therefore some frond

breakage can occur in shipment despite our best efforts to avoid this from occurring . The new fronds will take their place in short order.

GUARANTEE - All plants are freshly packaged, labeled true to name, & healthy when shipped. If there are any problems, please notify us within 5 days of receipt

of shipment & we will replace any plant that you are not happy with. We can't be responsible for your climate or growing conditions. All our plants and growing

areas are regularly inspected by Oregon USDA inspectors.


All orders must include $15.00 packing charge plus per plant shipping charge.



Zone 1 USPS PRIORITY         $15.00 plus + $ .75 per plant

Zone 2 USPS PRIORITY         $15.00 plus + $2.50 per plant

Zone 3 USPS PRIORITY         $15.00 plus + $3.75 per plant

Example: 10 plants in Zone 2 would be $15.00 Packing + $25.00 Shipping Charge = Total $40.00 Packing charge covers the cost of the box, packing materials & related costs to ship the plants .

Instructions for Foreign orders

ORDER CUT OFF DATE:   No orders accepted SEPTEMBER 30, 2024.  Because of the additional time needed to obtain the phytosanitary certificate and process your order, it is necessary to receive your order by September 30, 2024.  

DOCUMENTATION:   Phytosanitary certificate is $35.00 and is required on all foreign orders and has been included in shipping cost.  Import Permit, if required, must be furnished by the customer.  We must have an English translated copy. Please check with your Customs and Agricultural department on regulations for importing the plants you plan to order (hostas, ferns or epimediums). 

TRANSPORTATION / SHIPPING:   Orders will be shipped via International Express Mail Service.  Priority Mail is also available but normally takes twice as long as Express Mail and the savings is minimal.  Please estimate shipping charges using the table below & pay that amount with your order.  If there is not enough money to cover shipping charges, we will bill you for the amount owedPlease include your phone number on your order form and e-mail We also have airfreight available as on option for large orders that may reduce overall shipping costs.

Express Mail Shipping

Country                         Base Charge   +       Per Plant

Canada & Mexico                  $25          +          $4.00   per plant      + Phytosanitary Certificate (included in shipping rate on website)  

Japan & Korea                      $35          +          $4.50   per plant      + Phytosanitary Certificate (included in shipping rate on website) 

All other countries               $40          +          $5.00   per plant      + Phytosanitary Certificate (included in shipping rate on website) 

NOTE:   The above estimates are based on International Mail rates in effect at the time of print of this catalog.  Adjustments may be necessary in the event of a rate increase.  Please list acceptable substitutes. If you do not want substitutions, please mark so on the order form. Please provide an e-mail address and phone number.

PAYMENT :   ALL orders must be paid for prior to shippingPayment by cheque must be made in U.S. Dollars.  International Money Orders payable in U.S. dollars.  You can pay for your order with most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  We will need your name as it appears on your credit card, your account number, expiration date, and 3 digit security code (last 3 digits of credit card number from back of card).  If you want to use electronic funds transfer, a $15.00 transfer fee must be added to your order. This is what our bank charges us to receive electronic funds transfers.  We also are set up to receive Paypal payment at SebrightGardens@aol.com. MINIMUM ORDER is $100.00 plus shipping charges and documentation fees.  Please include the city through which the parcel will enter your country so this may be included on the Phytosanitary Certificate.